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Our Team

Dr. John O. Johnson, PhD
CEO and President
Chief Engineer

President, CEO & Chief Decision Scientist - Dr. John Johnson is MBDM's Founder and a past Senior Manager and Director of Booz Allen's Global Technology and Predictive Modeling Practice, PricewaterhouseCoopers' Integrated Performance Management Practice, Answerthink's Financial and Cost Management Practice and the Hackett Group's Global Benchmarking Practice. 

Dr. Johnson holds a Masters in Computer Science and Business Mathematics (with a Major in Business Information Technology), a Masters in Business Administration (with Majors in Strategy & Finance), a Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, and a Doctorate in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering (with a minor in Applied Mathematics).

He is a member of The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), The Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE), The Strategic Planning Society (SPS), The Institute of Management Consultants (IMC). He is also a Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

Cynthia Johnson
Office Operations

Cynthia's team's responsibilities include: defining, implementing and revising operational policies and guidelines for the organization, developing and executing new growth directives, working with the human resources department to create job descriptions and hiring of competent personnel.


Cynthia oversees employee training programs, working with the human resources department to develop and implement staff evaluation parameters, liaising with departmental heads to develop financial plans and ensure company-wide operational compliance. She keeps track of the company’s revenue margins and conducts budget reviews to maximize profits, and overseei client support services, procurement and resource allocation.


Cynthia has been with the  company since its inception.

Lynda Donnelley
Marketing & Quality Assurance

Lynda works with our market data to unearth new marketing insights for our company. She monitors online marketing trends, analyzes government statistics, helps develop strategies for digital and road marketing campaigns, and tracks campaign performance.

Lynda helps us better understand how we can best serve our customers and meet their expectations. Lynda joined us in 2022.

Cyrus Johnson
Legal Counsel Assistant


Cyrus is our Legal Counsel Assistant. He is a Criminal Justice Graduate pursuing his Doctorate in Jurisprudence Law. He currently assists with:

  • Reviewing cases relating to copyright protection and infringement, drafting cease and desist letters.

  • Drafting responses to copyright infringement cases, trade secrets issues, prosecution of trademarks, trademark searching, drafting clearance opinion letters.

  • Assisting in USPTO filing including addressing objections/refusals to register resulting in successful registration on principal register at USPTO, he is familiar with TTAB board appeal procedures, drafted IP license agreements, trademark cease and desist letters, assisted in settlement of cases.

  • Researching law relating to IP cases on technical legal issues leading to successful settlement and responses including cyber-squatting and infringement.

  • Drafting complaints, answers, discovery, witness statements, correspondence in federal/state litigation, summary judgment and civil and criminal appeal practice.

Cyrus joined us in 2021.

L. Close
P. Watts
Dr. Mark Gershon, PhD
Consultant Engineer

Senior Director - Dr. Mark Gershon is the former chairman of the Management Science and Operations Management department at Temple University. An industrial engineer by training, he began his career as a quality engineer with the Project Management office at the Army's Armaments Development Command.

He then worked as a project manager for Control Data Corporation, responsible for software development applications and consulting projects for the minerals industry, before coming to Temple in 1983. Since then, Dr. Gershon has focused on developing and implementing new ideas for project management and quality management. Besides earning a Professional Engineer's license, he holds certification as a Project Management Professional and a Six Sigma Master Black Belt.


He consults and gives seminars on these topics around the world. Dr. Gershon has published widely, including two textbooks and over thirty refereed journal articles. In 2002, he was keynote speaker at a conference in China, and has served on the editorial boards of international journals. An excellent teacher, he has been honored with the Lindback Award for Teaching by Temple


Dr. Gershon has been with us since 2016. 

Dr. John O. Johnson, MD
Senior Vice President Operations

Senior Vice President - Dr. John Obinna Johnson, is a Board Certified MD with responsibilities for managing MBDM's General and Medical Contracts that span protocol development and medical/scientific oversight of clinical research studies involving new or marketed drugs in the Neuroscience / Psychiatric Clinical Research group.


He is responsible for all phases of our client's trial processes, including but not limited to the design, oversight and medical monitoring of Phase I to V clinical trials, as well as preparation of progress reports and summaries regarding analysis, interpretation and reporting of final clinical trial results.

His responsibilities also include presentation of research findings at national and international scientific meetings, and preparation of manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals.


He also contributes to establishing Neuroscience and Psychiatric-based Clinical Development Strategies and executing on short- and long-term research project objectives.


He provides internal scientific leadership to cross functional teams supporting clinical development, and external leadership through interaction with key opinion leaders.

Some of Dr. Johnson's additional responsibilities include:

  • Growing the business through meaningful commercial contribution via business development, i.e., growing a book of business and bringing new accounts into the MBDM portfolio.

  • Build consulting delivery capability as an effective recruiter, manager and developer of people.

  • Create market eminence and play a senior leadership role in the practice through relevant thought leadership contributions, offer development and enhancement, and internal leadership in the practice area and firm as a whole.

  • Lead and develop client relationships and ensure delivery of well-structured projects that exceed client expectations.

  • Work collaboratively with other executives to design and deliver customized and innovative solutions for the client.

  • Provide leadership and refinement to the practice, resources, and staff development.

Dr. Johnson is a  graduate in Neuroscience at Temple University's College of Science & Technology and a Graduate of Howard University's College of Medicine in Psychiatry. He has conducted research at DuPont's Children's Hospital into the causes of rare muscle diseases and has authored two recent books.

Dr. Johnson has been with us since 2017.

Dr. Steven Spear, PhD
Learning Partner (CEO of HVE LLC) Engineering Consultant

Dr. Steven J. Spear is the author of the award-winning and critically acclaimed book, The High Velocity Edge. He is a senior lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management and is a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. He is also a founder of a consulting firm built on the tenets of his book, and of See to Solve Corp., a business process software company.

Dr. Expert on the ways that “high-velocity organizations” generate and sustain advantage, even in the most hyper-competitive markets, Spear has worked with clients spanning technology and heavy industry, software and healthcare, and new production design and manufacturing.

Dr. Spear’s 1999 Harvard Business Review article, “Decoding the DNA of the Toyota Production System,” is part of today’s lean manufacturing canon. “Fixing Healthcare from the Inside, Today” was an HBR McKinsey Award winner in 2005 and one of his four articles to win a Shingo Research Prize.

Dr. Spear helped develop and deploy the Alcoa Business System, which recorded hundreds of millions of dollars in annual operating savings, and he was integral in developing the “Perfecting Patient Care” system for the Pittsburgh Regional Healthcare Initiative. He has published in the New York Times, the Boston Globe, the Annals of Internal Medicine, and Academic Medicine, and he has spoken to audiences ranging from the Association for Manufacturing Excellence to the Institute of Medicine.

Dr. Spear has a doctorate from Harvard Business School, a master’s in engineering and in management from MIT, and a bachelor’s degree in economics from Princeton.

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