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Machine Learning


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Machine Learning (ML) is that branch of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer science which focuses on the use of data and algorithms to imitate the world around us - gradually improving decision accuracy, productivity and outcomes.

We built and ran an ML Model in DuPont's VESPEL Aerospace Business, and used it to derive unique aerospace part-data classifications with predictions of how such classifications were tied to part consumption patterns. This made it possible to identify key associations between such parts for reordering and inventory management purposes.

Machine Learning is an important component of the growing fields of computer science, data science and predictive modeling - e.g., accurately predicting consumption patterns and zones of obsolescence for long field assets.

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Through the use of statistical methodologies, algorithms are trained to make profoundly more accurate classifications or predictions, uncovering key insights within data mining and deep analytics-based projects.


These insights subsequently drive decision-making within applications and businesses, ideally impacting key decision and growth metrics. As big data analytics continues to expand and grow, the market demand for data scientists will undoubtedly increase, requiring them to assist in the identification of the most relevant business questions and subsequently the data to answer them.

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