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541511 - Custom Computer Programming Services
541512 - Computer Systems Design Services
541513 - Computer Facilities Management Services
541519 - Other Computer Related Services

518210 - Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services.

Our IT Services

Application Development


MBDM is a recognized leader in bespoke cloud application management services with the in-depth expertise to manage all your applications whether they run on the cloud, on-prem, and/or private. MBDM@Analytics improves efficiency with automation, increases agility with DevOps and moves the focus from fault detection to prevention using AI — increasing operational efficiencies, enabling quick responses to changing business needs and implementing continuous innovation across your application portfolio.

Working with top-tier partners of AWS Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and MBDM Cloud, we help migrate, build and manage each of your applications to your platform of choice.

Our management services deliver operational efficiencies that lower costs and implement intelligent business processes by integrating data, AI and advanced automation.

Our integrated multicloud management platform skills offer a single-pane view, providing end-to-end visibility in the hybrid environment for better control over your business processes.


We are capable of delivering scalable front-end, back-end, database solutions and more. We can develop tailor-made SaaS, Training Enterprise Software, Mobile Applications and Database Systems. We are capable and have the experience required for simulator and LMS to create the desired end-to end solution.

Software Performance Engineering

Software Performance Engineering (SPE) is a full software system life-cycle approach, that begins with design, and continues throughout the development, testing, and deployment phases. MBDM's expert engineers, architects, and developers, work together to implement a holistic methodology for the resolution of software issues.

SPE is designed to ensure predictable performance in systems, by specifying and analyzing quantitative behavior at every tier. Our Architects and Engineers, carefully consider performance requirements, the actual design, and the environment in which the system will be running. Analysis is based on modeling techniques and design tools.

SPE ensures that software systems adhere to their performance requirements, aiding in an organization’s overall business success. M’s SPE expertise, offers organizations the following benefits:

  • Saves significant money towards the costs of software projects by reducing inflated equipment budgets, staffing overruns, and missed project deadlines

  • Reduces the probability of users rejecting new and subsequent versions of software systems

  • Eliminates the need for disruptive SWAT teams to combat poorly performing software systems

  • Provides speed and reliability that encourage customers to utilize self servicing systems, e.g., Human Resource portals, online ordering, restaurant reservations, and online banking

  • Enables the delivery of large amounts of complex information, in real time, which is required for data mining and cross selling opportunities, group collaboration, rich media, etc.

  • Allows hand held mobile devices to run full featured software applications and display the latest web content, with the speed and reliability of a desktop computer


Software Performance Architecture

Clients deserve and demand a high speed, world-class technological experience. MBDM utilizes mathematical modeling to iterate through multiple design options, to ensure the delivery of software that will satisfy our client’s performance requirements. These models:

  • Map out the sequence of key business processes

  • Assign arrival rates and resource utilization of key business processes

  • Calculate if application service times are acceptable

  • Provide baseline models that are refined to fit the construction and deployment of the software system

A significant return on investment is realized, as a result of employing these models during the design phase; architecture rework costs less per improvement than recoding an application or making unnecessary investments in infrastructure resources.

Software Performance Development

We train and coach developers on the use of mathematical models, to ensure software routines adhere to performance-resource allocations and service-time requirements.

Measuring resource utilization during code construction enables software developers to write code that is both functional, and high performing. The performance data that is collected against the actual source code, improves the initial performance models that were created during the architectural stage. Development performance models continue to build confidence in the ability to accurately predict the performance scalability of the final software system.


The investment in, and use of, performance models at this stage, reduces the need for extensive optimization after code integration, which in turn assures a more efficient and cost-effective software system.

Capacity Planning

Team MBDM properly sizes servers, storage, and network resources, by leveraging a combination of mathematical modeling, load testing and analysis. These models are employed during the system design, development and testing phases, as well as throughout the ongoing production process. MBDM utilizes this systematic approach to predict and maintain the most cost-effective and optimally performing infrastructure.

  • The performance models created during design, improve the accuracy of hardware sizing estimates by reducing over-and-under provisioning of resources, budget bloat, and disruptions.

  • Continued use of the performance models during development and testing, further refine the resource allocations prior to production deployment, improving the success of the software system implementation.

  • Employing the models once the software system is in production, provide an engineering method to monitor changes in workload and system behavior. The models forecast how such changes will impact the hardware, storage, and network-provisioning strategy that is used for a software system. In addition, these models provide a feedback loop into the initial models that were created during design, and provide insights into the changes that are necessary to create future models in the design phase.


Software Performance Testing

The purpose of software performance testing is to find out how the software system works under varying stress loads and activity. Using a combination of multiple tests, we are able to determine the parts of the program that reduce its effectiveness. Load and stress testing, enables integrated software systems to pass through a final phase of performance validation, prior to deployment. Through this process, MBDM offers its clients the ability to approximate production workload, against a sample of production hardware, to execute the final pre-production coding and system optimization.

Team MBDM offers a load and stress testing solution that provides an easy-to-use and cost-effective way to load test the performance of web applications and websites. Unlike most testing solutions on the market, it does not require any software or hardware purc
hases and provides results faster and less expensively than traditional performance testing.


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Cyber Security Management -- Control of Access to IP Assets

Team MBDM assists organizations with the management of their security assets. From the identification stage, to the development and implementation of security policies, standards, procedures and guidelines.

Cyber Security Resistance -- Cost Effective Hardening and Cyber Attack Readiness

Team MBDM assists organizations with identifying vulnerability points, and with designing solutions to ensure sustained performance in challenging operational environments.

Cyber Security Resiliency -- Continuation of Operations and Asset Productivity

Team MBDM brings valued expertise to operational security resiliency by providing production analysis and support, to insure systems are designed with consideration of current and future threats, such that they are not "the weakest link".

Cyber Security Compliance -- Validated Adherence to Cyber Security Standards and Requirements

Team MBDM will help your organization achieve and maintain security compliance. Through the identification of current or potential vulnerabilities, we prioritize critical security issues and establish security awareness and education programs.

Cyber Security Leadership -- Set the Cyber Security Bar Among Peers

By moving your organization forward in all of the above areas, MBDM will help you solidify a position in your industry, as a leader in cyber security operational practices.

Artificial Intelligence

MBDM can assist you with deploying your AI applications and your Machine Learning (ML) applications on the cloud environment that best supports your business needs. MBDM can help you with:

  • TRUST AND SECURITY - Take advantage of built-in security capabilities and AI model monitoring. 

  • IT OPERATIONS - Reduce monitoring time and resolve problems quickly, so your IT team can focus on what really matters. 

  • PLANNING & BUDGETING - Use modern planning, budgeting and forecasting tools to drive more informed decision-making. 

  • COMPLIANCE & RISK - Improve governance, reporting, compliance and risk management, while also reducing costs. 

  • SECURITY - Detect, investigate and respond to the most critical cybersecurity threats facing your organization.


MBDM can assist you with using Blockchain to manage the supply chain and provide real-time certification of compliance to partners, customers and regulators.

The use of distributed ledger technology makes it possible to share and track information across various users. It provides permissions control access and visibility, so each party maintains confidentiality of its data. Users and transactions are verified and preserved by the blockchain. This creates a network of trust between participants, even if they don’t know one another.

Blockchains speed up information sharing and create greater efficiencies. Efficiencies that can and should be shared across an industry — even where necessary - among competitors.


This is a key point in support of Blockchains - as the value extends to all members of the ecosystem.”


541511 - Custom Computer Programming Services
541512 - Computer Systems Design Services
541513 - Computer Facilities Management Services
541519 - Other Computer Related Services

518210 - Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services.


Office: 202-587-5779

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Mobile 1: 443-653-7495 (Direct)

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Primary Program Manager:

Dr. John O. Johnson

MBDM DUNS #: 078765685




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