When we can't provide OEM direct materials with full certifications, we are able to reverse engineer parts, prototype them, prepare Technical Data packages (TDPs) and get you ready for full production. We provide support for current products through to EOL ( end of life) and provide obsolescence support for legacy items that are no longer available.

MBDM's specialization with electronics, oceanics, aeronautics, rotables, rail, consumables, and ground support equipment items requires that we interact with an enormous supplier network. Our supplier network is comprised of AS-9001 Certified Manufacturers and distributors. As such, parts sold by MBDM are accompanied with traceability and airworthiness certifications.

In addition to our global network of mainstream suppliers, MBDM maintains relationships with suppliers specializing in obsolete product and "trailing edge" technologies and parts. MBDM's ability to locate new surplus material and obsolete equipment, discontinued parts and specialized tooling avoids the extreme high costs associated with reengineering obsolete material thus saving our customers time and money.

MBDM provides vital resources to help our customers with their procurement needs. When time and manpower resources are limited you can turn to MBDM to outsource your part searching, sourcing, purchasing and logistics activities.

MBDM's knowledgeable staff are highly experienced with import and export regulations and government purchase requests. We are flexible problem solvers providing our customers the valuable resource of solutions, whether it is a search for an antiquated part to get an aircraft off the ground, an immediate need for a hot water heater for a nuclear submarine or general office supplies at a remote military base. MBDM listens to our customers' tailored requests and successfully delivers.

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