MBDM, Inc is an Advanced Decision Modeling, Precision Manufacturing, Industrial Engineering & Scientific Research Company. 

Our business is built on the premise that the world we live in today is more complex than it has ever been  and that value is either created or destroyed at the point where decisions are made.


Companies and government agencies now need to acquire and leverage critical assets, launch offensives, protect borders and ultimately make decisions within shorter times frames, that are characterized by more constraints, more parameters and infinitely more complex decision variables.

In essence, leaving entities with less time to make decisions and less time to recover from mistakes.

Our varied offerings unite across the required disciplines resulting in fit for purpose solutions that meet your specific needs.



Precision Manufacturing

We are able to provide full engineering designs and related R&D to help advance your next component part, machine design, concept, or hydraulic system.




  FIRST - Our Engineering capabilities enable the creation and optimization of complex high-technical-specification products, business processes and systems. Our engineering capabilities emphasize extensive technical and mathematical proficiency and usage of quantitative methods in support of complex designs, manufacturing paradigms and optimum end user products and outcomes to meet the most strenuous operating conditions.


  • SECOND - Our Operations Research (OR) capabilities enable the optimization of end-to-end operations and service management systems, manufacturing systems and supply chains. 

  • THIRD - Our Management Consulting (MC) capabilities enable thought leadership in the design and implementation of tomorrow's business construct having due regard to the supply chain complexities of cost and profit management and the need for transparency in accounting and finance systems.

FOURTH - Our Precision Manufacturing (PM) capabilities - begin with Product Design and Development and extend to Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA). In the process, we undertake a review and selection of materials and processes and the designs for individual part manufacture. Along with our partners, we can design and manufacture to the toughest military and commercial specifications and where necessary, use the latest duoBLOCK 5-Axis DMG, 2D and 3D CAD, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) technology to provide efficient, practical designs.


  • FIFTH - Our Scenario & Simulation Modeling (SSM)  capabilities enable the replication of real world systems. We recognize that Systems Configurations, Cyber-based Telecommunications and Logistical Supply Chains are complex real-world systems, containing many different components which interact, in complex interrelationships. The analysis of such systems can become extremely difficult and the modeling techniques tend to analyze each component rather than the relationships between components. Our simulation modeling capabilities are honed to replicate the basis on which, and the scenarios within which, these real world systems comprise. They highlight how exposed an entities systems may be to attacks and risks enabling you to prepare contingencies and make advanced decisions about what to do to reduce and mitigate their effects on your decision space and your operational effectiveness.



MBDM is an 8a Certified Company (Certified in January 2016)- Empowered to work with all Federal Agencies, Federal Suppliers and Commercial Companies on a Non-Compete, Sole Source and Competitive Contract basis - What this means for our contract partners and agencies with whom we work?


Vastly accelerated project delivery timelines (i.e., no need to wade through the 180-day procurement "buy" cycle).

Meeting your Fedearally required minimum levels of minority owned company participation in your procurements.

Working with a Firm that has unique capabilities that few other 8a companies possess - We are Engineers, Mathematicians, Researchers, Program Managers and more.

Working with an 8a firm that has a long history of working with both Federal and Commercial sector clients with outstanding results

Working with an 8a firm that has extensive top 4 experience (i.e., Booz Allen, PricewaterhouseCoopers, IBM, The Hackett Group, Answerthink and more...) 


Ensuring that your critical mechanical systems and parts work when and how they are supposed to...

An MBDM Core Capability




United States


Clean Manufacturing / Reverse Engineering Plant,

Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAMTM),

101 N Haven Street, Suite 104,

Baltimore, MD 21224.

"Design Change - Design Outcomes"

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